Website design and brand development

NCIMB Ltd is a company that offers specialist microbiology, chemical analysis and biomaterial storage services. They needed to develop their brand and online presence to reflect their scientific expertise and the high quality standards they deliver, in a way that would engage customers from a diverse range of industry sectors.

It was important that customers from different sectors could immediately identify that NCIMB offered products and services that were targeted to them, and then navigate easily to the relevant areas of the site. We rationalised the site navigation and established fresh sector-specific imagery in the home page that carried through to the industry specific pages.

The website created was fully scalable for tablets and mobile phones. The branded templates were coded for integration with a specialist scientific data management system.

The sector-themed imagery was carried through to product literature. Some literature is exclusive to the website, while some also printed for use at events, but the branding is consistent throughout. Standardised presentation reinforces NCIMBs brand values and messaging.

The branding was carried through to a series of campaigns that have been used to raise the company’s profile amongst potential customers via social media. These campaigns have allowed the company to communicate their brand consistently within this informal environment.