Website management, digital marketing and social media

We live in an era when customers expect all businesses to have an online presence, and businesses require websites that are up to date. An out of date and stagnant website results in poor search engine listings and erodes customer confidence.

Lighthouse provides digital marketing, content development, website maintenance and website updating services. We can help you to develop a digital marketing plan, to meet your long term business strategy, or for short term promotions. Whatever your objectives, we can help you reach your audience and increase traffic to your site.


Digital Marketing


Digital marketing strategy plays a central role in building your brand and engaging customers. Lighthouse provides a full range of digital marketing services and support, including development of digital marketing strategies, design and concept for digital marketing and advertising campaigns, and preparation of email templates. We work with clients to develop content that is relevant, shareable and builds brands.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are an effective and convenient tool for communicating with customers. They allow you to directly communicate regular messages about products, services and offers.

Mailchimp provides a popular and easy to use toolset for creating and sending email newsletters, that integrates with websites and other systems thanks to its versatile API. We can design and build custom newsletters using Mailchimp or other email management tools as required. Lighthouse can manage the sending and reporting on email newsletter campaigns, and provide training for running your campaigns in-house.

Product launch promotional email marketing campaign

Social Media


Social media is now a key part of website development, that is important for audience engagement and SEO development. We can help you to develop your social media strategy by planning content, running campaigns, integrating with your website, and tracking and maintaining your brand profile.

Video for Social Media and YouTube


Video content has been shown to be the most effective format for viral social media content, and is more likely to be shared and forwarded among viewers than other social media formats. Lighthouse Video Production produce professional video content, including location filming, talking heads, animation and motion graphics, specifically for social media use.

We create short targeted campaigns that may be part of a larger strategy, longer films that may be segmented for different outlets, and content that works as marketing material in on other platforms.

Viral video campaign developed for Aberdeen Airport

Regular Website Updates

Regularly updating website content not only ensures that visitors to your site get the right information, but also makes an important contribution to search engine optimisation.

All websites are different and so need different levels of support and ongoing development. Some websites might only require an annual review to refresh service and contact information, while others need regular monthly or even weekly updates to manage products, promotions, events, add news articles and archive old content.

We provide tailored client website support on a monthly contract or ad hoc basis, depending on requirement.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is an important element of content development and website planning, and to maintain site rankings adjustments to content need to be made on an ongoing basis.

We can provide guidance and simple instructions on keyword research, keyword selection, optimising page content for keywords, page titles, headings, descriptions, names tag and URLs, in order to help you improve your search engine results.

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