Website design & development
and website templates

Lighthouse design and develop websites for businesses and organisations of all sizes, to help sell and support their activities, products and services online. We have over 15 years’ experience in web design and bespoke website content creation.


Web design

Responsive design

Our web designers have extensive experience of working on projects of all sizes, working with clients to interpret their ideas and requirements. We design user-friendly and effective websites that enhance the brand experience. We use the same tried and tested approach for websites, web apps and mobile applications – first we listen to the client, so that we can fully understand what makes their business tick, their key messages and marketing requirements, and then we work creatively with them produce a design and user experience (UX) that delivers.

We work to the latest responsive website design best practice, developing sites that respond to the size of the user’s device. This approach delivers a design that works for desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices – getting the best from each platform and screen size. A responsive design should transition seamlessly from one device to another while maintaining the brand experience.

Content management


Creating a website involves the development of a number of different elements. We will work with you to design your website navigation, developing and prioritising your content to help create the best user experience for site visitors.

We can also advise on SEO strategy, URL structure/naming, and on how to make the most of your content. If required we can provide copywriting and photography support, as well as video production and graphics/illustration services.

Responsive web page templates developed for desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile

Information architecture


Information architecture provides the foundation for making a website easy to use, navigate and maintain. It defines how we organise the content, documents and resources within your website to achieve optimal usability. We work with our clients to prioritise and target the most important content and messages within their sites. We then design a structure, navigation and design around this to produce a manageable information architecture that allows for future development of the website in accordance with your business needs.

Our digital designers have worked on large scale websites including international corporate intranets

Website templates


For customers that already have an established website or content management system in place, that is, for example maintained by an in-house IT team or contractor, we can provide a website template and web page design service. Our professional web designers can visualise and develop designs to any client-required stage – artwork ready Photoshop files, packaged html and css templates, CMS specific templates ready for import, or as smaller html and graphics elements for in-house deployment. This approach can allow you to completely refresh the look of your site without the need to commit to a whole new system.

Website templates designed and developed as html and css styles for implementation into client content management system

Website development


At Lighthouse, we work with a range of open source and proprietary content management systems. We aim to recommend the most appropriate solution on the basis of project requirement and budget. Additionally, we can work with in-house communications or IT teams to facilitate the deployment of design and content into existing CMS systems.

CRM linked website with user registration system

Interaction design and graphics


All websites require some degree of ongoing development, for example to incorporate information about a new service, event or product line, or just to provide a fresh interactive angle on existing information. Lighthouse provide graphics content and interaction development services for established websites. We can work with clients to create single pages, interactions or blocks of content for inclusion within established sites and CMS’s. Content can be brand-aligned or developed to have its own design and personality. It can integrate with existing systems or be fully stand-alone. Bespoke content may be as simple as a set of promotional banners or icons or as complex as a searchable directory or game interaction.

Quiz based interaction design to promote good safety practice for offshore workers
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