Video production for
onscreen and social media

Lighthouse provide a complete service from script writing, filming, and editing, to motion graphics, 3D animation and interactive media solutions.

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Video production design


We like to structure our videos around a story. Even large and ungainly lumps of industrial metal have a story to tell. It may be about their inception in the mind of their designer or it may be the difficult task it has to fulfil in ferociously hostile environments. Whatever it is, it has the potential to capture the imagination of your audience and by telling its story it tells of the uniqueness of your story. If you are launching a new product, service or sharing your ideas with employees, a story has the power to engage, enlighten and persuade by making complex ideas simple and bringing you closer to your audience.

Many people find our hi-definition documentary style engaging because it brings a sense of reality and rawness in a very cinematic style. We capture real stories from real people in a mini-documentary format that compellingly highlights your culture, values, strengths and uniqueness and shares it in a way your audience will connect with. No matter what the budget, we bring to the table the same high level of video production skills, attention to detail and video marketing expertise for every single project we work on.

Corporate video production


A good corporate video will grab your audience’s attention, build your brand and help achieve your business goals. We work with companies to design and produce corporate videos for promotion, presentation and exhibition use. From short and succinct to long and in depth, our productions are structured and engaging, communicating company history, capability and values to target markets. They take many forms depending on requirement – corporate profiles, product demonstrations, facility tours, case studies, company histories and client testimonials – all can provide a framework for a corporate video.

Stills from corporate video production including brand sting, motion graphics, location filming, time lapse, product animation and talking head interviews

Explainer videos


Explainer videos are short, mostly animated and designed to help customers understand a product or service. They need to be highly focused, energetic and succinct to hold the viewers’ attention while often communicating highly technical concepts. Through our experience of production and storyboarding we work with our clients to define the right messages and story to be conveyed and design explainer videos specifically for our customers target audiences. The completed films can be distributed online, YouTube, social media or incorporated into presentations to deliver a consistent, engaging message. We combine 2D and 3D animation with video, infographics, kinetic typography, voiceover and script to bring finished scripts to life.

Explainer video with motion graphics, 2D animation and kinetic type to voice over, music and sound effects introducing industry initiative

Social media videos


Lighthouse produce video content for social media. Videos designed to educate and entertain, that are informative and creative. Video is now a key tool for online marketing, it can be highly polished and large scale or intimate and direct, linked to a pr or advertising campaign or just a one off promotion.

Social media video promoting community project with location filming, voice over and branding

Extended video production


For larger scale productions for distribution on DVD or online we have the production capability and network to work internationally, on location and in studio. We prepare creative treatments/storyboards and budgets; develop these to final scripts and production schedules; combine location, archive and interview footage with animation and visuals; commission professional voiceover services and work with TV presenters when appropriate; to produce finished films for distribution.

Location filming for national safety initiative video

Motion graphics and animation


Our motions graphics production combines graphic design, animation, typography, voiceover and video production to produce dynamic visuals that can enhance any corporate or expo presentation. We produce 2D and 3D animation, designing storyboards and developing style and content appropriate to message and audience, combine with effects, audio and voice over to enhance the experience and educate viewers.

Motion graphics sequence recruitment video produced for social media
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  • Explainer videos
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