Onscreen presentations and
motion graphics

A good onscreen presentation will engage an audience and effectively communicate its messages in a clear and captivating way. At Lighthouse we design, storyboard and produce onscreen presentations and content including motion graphics, video and animation. From PowerPoint presentations and templates, to large format looping exhibition on-screens, we use good design and clear messaging to craft brand-centred presentations that communicate to target audiences.


Onscreen presentation design


Presentations are all about storytelling – building clear, simple and effective messages that will resonate with your audience. We work with our clients to create impactful presentations in a range of formats, from simple styling and templates, to large scale video production and specialist animations. We choose the best tools for the job depending on client need – PowerPoint, Prezi, PDF or video – and work to client budget and timescale. We can design complete presentations or templates and content elements to support your messages.


Motion graphics design


Motions graphics production combines the disciplines of graphic design, animation, typography, video production and editing, to produce visually engaging stories that can enhance any personal, corporate or educational presentation. Lighthouse works with clients to conceptualise, storyboard and produce motion graphics as part of larger productions, as one off ‘stings’ and ‘idents’, and as content for onscreen presentations.

Motion graphics sequences developed for use in a corporate presentation establishing key industry facts

2D and 3D Animation


Lighthouse have in-house illustration and animation capability and also work with specialist animators and illustrators to achieve specific styles or technical effects based on client and project need. We have worked on a broad range of animated projects, using character and illustration to tell stories and communicate messages relating to issues as diverse as tackling anti-social behaviour, understanding body mass index and managing stray icebergs.

Induction film animation illustration showing emergency exits designed as part of a presentation for in house reception use

Kinetic type with audio


Kinetic type combines animated typography with voice, to create a visual narrative that is attention grabbing and engages the viewer. The typography matches the spoken words and enhances its message through its motion. Words and letters can grow, shrink, fly, flow, appear and disappear to emphasise the spoken message. Kinetic type can be used to great visual effect as a small element of a longer video or animation, or as a longer message based film.

Software promotion with kinetic type animation design developed for online website use

Explainer videos and infographic animations


Combining animation, voice, type, characters, sound effects and occasionally footage, explainer videos explain a product, service or issue in a short, social media friendly package. Perfect for storytelling, and all the better if humorous, they are an effective marketing tool for start-ups and corporates alike. From storyboard and script through to animation, voice and edit we produce explainer videos to meet client budgets.

Stylised infographic animation and motion graphics video design created for social media

Software and process walkthroughs


Using industry standard software, we produce software walkthroughs and guided tours for computer based systems. They can be distributed through a structured e-learning package or simply accessed on your YouTube channel. Often packaged for e-learning use, software walkthroughs can help reduce software training and support time, and are successful as remote training tool. They can be scripted, recorded and edited for online or onscreen use.

  • Onscreen presentations
  • Storyboarding
  • PowerPoint templates
  • Video production
  • Specialist animations
  • Talking heads
  • Voiceovers
  • Motion graphics
  • Typography
  • 2D and 3D Animation
  • Audio production
  • Software walkthroughs
  • Explainer videos
  • Infographic animations