Livestreaming video production services

Livestreamed video content can help reduce corporate and training event costs, by saving on time, travel and accommodation compared with traditional events. In addition it can provide a route to revenue generation with pay-to-view content on paid events and conferences.

Lighthouse provides livestreaming video services for events, talks, meetings, training and conferences. Video is recorded live and streamed online to appropriate channels for local or international audiences. The stream being broadcast can be multimedia rich, mixing live video and audio with pictures, titles, animation, presentations and video to help illuminate the message being communicated.


Live-streaming and webcasting events


Live streaming has become an accepted standard for corporate events and messaging, thanks to high-profile uses such as Apple’s live- streamed product launches. It has been used with great success to build anticipation and create a marketing buzz. Developments in available technology mean that livestreaming has now become a cost effective option available to smaller organisations, but it is still a new enough technology to make an impact. Livestreaming, or webcasting events such as product launches and conferences, broadens your audience, and can generate income. It allows an audience who may not otherwise be able to attend to participate and interact via the internet

Livestreaming corporate sales presentations


Live streaming allows companies to interact directly with their customers on a global basis, without leaving their office, allowing huge savings to be made on travel time and accommodation costs. As new technology has improved the quality of broadcast, live streaming has become increasingly accepted as an alternative to face to face presentations. Livestreamed video presentations can be live-edited with PowerPoint screens, saved footage, titles, diagrams, animation, presentations and video as well as multiple camera angles. Live streams can be recorded in large venues, such as at exhibitions, in a board room or from the intimacy of a desk space.

Live-streaming for subscription


Livestreamed content can be made available online through standard channels, such as YouTube, your own website, or via a subscription model that allows viewers to pay for access to individual videos or all videos within your stream. This is a route to monetising presentations and training, and a cost effective means of removing the limitations of venue capacity. It allows individuals who cannot attend an event or conference in person to benefit from the ability to post questions and join real time discussions, and extends the reach of your event, from those with the time and budget to travel, to anyone with a web connection worldwide.

Livestreaming training


Livestream is particularly beneficial for expanding the audience for training presentations. It can be used to provide induction training across multiple venues in a consistent format. Livestreaming provides a method for involving students internationally and for establishing training materials that can also be resold online after the initial recording has finished. For talks and town hall type presentations it can expand the potential of a small audience venue.

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