Interactive and touchscreen content design

Tablets and touchscreens are a great way of having large amounts of information at your fingertips at events, conferences and exhibitions, or for use during meetings and presentations. They are great tool for actively engaging customers. Lighthouse design, develop and deploy interactive touch screens to suit all applications ranging from small tablet based kiosks to large scale interactive experiences. Content can be managed remotely using content management functionality or updated as and when via usb or local network.


iPad Kiosks


Kiosk apps turn your tablet into a branded, professional kiosk, providing a structured and interactive interface that seamlessly integrates video, websites, presentations and pdf files. They are “locked” presentation tools that are perfect for exhibition use. Visitors cannot navigate their way out of the app and they are a very cost effective way of bringing interactive touch screen functionality to your stand.

Another major benefit of the use of kiosk apps as sales tools for use at exhibition stands on in the field, is that they can be centrally synced to ensure content continuity and updates across multiple devices in different global locations, or in other words, everyone who needs it can have easy access to the most up-to-date content, wherever they are. Additional integration is available to record use, accept form completion and link through to existing CRM solutions.

Kiosk apps are becoming increasingly popular with our clients who found them to be a very effective solution for managing presentations and exhibition content. They can be structured so that the user can choose to browse what interests them most, or fixed to create a step-by-step presentation or process walk through.

Proserv interactive product catalogue, developed for ipad, designed for use on exhibition stands as a stand alone kiosk

Interactive touchscreens


Touch screens have become an indispensable part of everyday life. They crop up everywhere, and are used for an ever widening variety of applications with screen size varying accordingly.

Lighthouse design, develop and deploy interactive touchscreens – from simple reception touch screens and induction presentations, through to digital screen signage and large-scale, content rich, interactive presentations, with screen sizes varying accordingly.

Content can be managed remotely using content management functionality or updated as and when via usb or local network.

Interactive presentations


We design and create interactive presentations in a range of formats including interactive pdfs, PowerPoints, and video based presentations. A well-structured, visually rich presentation with a clear narrative and call to action provides a solid base for project presentations, ensuring consistency of message and brand.

At Lighthouse we have experience of producing video and animation for a variety of industry sectors, and the rapid rise of social media means that this has become a cost effective and engaging means of reaching a wide audience.

  • Safer Training kiosk
  • Safer Training kiosk map screen
  • Safer Training kiosk services screen
  • Safer Training kiosk pdfs screen
  • Safer Training kiosk pdf example
Interactive presentation sales kiosk designed for one to one presentations and use at events and exhibitions

Interactive PDFs


PDFs provide a simple means of maintaining and adding to product information that might currently be available in a mix of other formats such as Word files or PowerPoint. Additionally, more styled and interactive presentations or brochures can be included in the kiosk app in this format.

We have extensive experience of producing Interactive PDFs with a variety of functionality for a diverse range of industry sectors including construction, housing, technology development, oil and gas and clothing.

ARTEMIS2G product launch interactive pdf with embeded video, designed for email and web distribution to promote new features

Apps and mobile application development


For presentations and sales materials that are to be produced for a wider audience, we can develop native apps, available via the app stores, and mobile apps for current and prospective clients to download. Native apps can be developed for ease of content management, syncing with social media and content management systems (CMS) to allow clients to update and manage content themselves, to send push notifications and updates.

SAP Debugger Basics app developed for iphone
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