Event design and production

A good event has to engage, excite and inspire its attendees. At Lighthouse we work with experienced, professional partners to deliver a complete service that includes all the elements required to brand, design, plan, promote and deliver successful events and conferences. We use video, staging, and audio visuals along with selection of the right venue to enhance the experience and provide the best possible platform for speakers and performers.


Event branding


Event branding is a crucial element in communicating what your event is all about. With so many competing demands on busy schedules, the right brand will make your event stand out from the crown, creating a look and feel that speaks to your target audience.

Lighthouse design exhibition brands to establish distinctive identities for events, speakers and conferences. We develop brands and brand elements that can be applied across all promotional media, from logos and logo types for print use, to animated event stings for online use and staging. We produce event promotional literature, marketing collateral and social media content to build consistent and distinctive event brands.

A successful event brand encompasses all event collateral – including launch emails, advertising, tickets, printed programmes, events apps, staging, video stings, signage and promotional giveaways – every touch point should be considered as part of the event brand.

ITF Technology Showcase branding

Event planning, management and venues

Lighthouse work with experienced, professional event managers Attolo Events to plan, schedule and manage events and conferences. Attolo Events have a wealth of national and international event management experience, and are experts in handling key elements such as venue, speakers, catering, accommodation, audio visuals and logistics. They understand how to make a good event work, and how to deliver a memorable experience to attendees.

Attolo Event Design

Event promotion

A successful event needs promotion. At can deliver all the elements you require to promote your event across a full range of platforms. For example, we can create event-specific websites or micro sites that present programme details, speaker biographies, sponsorship opportunities and contact details. Social media has become an essential tool for reaching a wide audience and allowing attendees to join the conversation – we can create promotional content for social media, including video and talking head promotions. More traditional advertising methods still have an important role to play in event promotion and we prepare event advertising for both online and offline use, including radio advertising and printed ads. We design and produce tickets, promotional banners and signage, as well as promotional brochures and flyers. We can work with sponsors to incorporate their messages and brands within the overall event presentation and messaging.

Event registration promo developed for online distribution

Event audio visuals, video production and live streaming


Video helps communicate the energy and enthusiasm of an event to potential attendees, and is a key branding and communication tool during events. With our in-house video production capability we can produce pre-recorded video segments, event interviews, intros, stings and event brand loops for large screen projection during events and for promotional use.

Our live streaming system allows us to live mix speakers with presentation slides, PowerPoint and video during talks, and this can be live-streamed online for public access or pay to view, and recorded for playback or resale. Testimonials, behind the scenes footage, highlight videos and speaker profiles all help set the mood of an event and can be effectively used as social media promotion content pre and post event.

ITF Showcase Trailer video

Event backdrops

Advertisements, preshow invitations and notification emails

At Lighthouse, our print designers are experienced in the design and production of event staging, sets, backdrops and stands. From lightweight pop-up panels to large scale stand construction, we can produce backdrop materials appropriate to event size, budget and location. We work with professional fabricators on larger scale builds, using module structures when appropriate, designing all graphic elements to establish a consistent look and feel across the venue. For larger events we can design branded signage and wayfinding signage as part of the visitor event experience.


If you want to make sure people know you are exhibiting at an event, you need to promote. We follow the event timeline from start to finish, designing pre-event and event launch promotions including printed and email invitations, social media announcements, event websites and advertising. We design adverts for placement in local media or trade press, building the overall event or conference brand and targeting intended audiences. We produce social media content to highlight the benefits of attending events and conferences to attendees, all with the aim of encouraging sign up and participation.

Event booking and apps

Event apps provide a cost effective method of event promotion, making it simpler to engage with event attendees, share documents, post updates, and involve sponsors.

Native apps allow users to access conference and event details online or offline, they work on smartphone and tablet, and can be used to gather additional data through surveys, agenda use and networking.

Apps can be event branded, include dashboard personalisation and accommodate last minute changes and updates. Pre-event they provide an effective promotion and sign-up tool; during events they keep attendees informed of what’s on and when, and post-event they provide real time survey and feedback opportunities. Additionally, event widgets allow us to integrate with third party CRM and Event Data systems so you can get the best from your registration process.

Event app developed for Apple and Android devices
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