Design for Exhibitions, and Exhibition Promotions

At Lighthouse we believe that good design is all about listening to our clients and then working to clearly communicate their message in the most effective way. With a creative approach, it is always possible to offer effective solutions within a range of budgets.

The first step is to set your exhibition objectives. Are you aiming to generate leads, demonstrate products, build relationships, aid recruitment or increase brand awareness? Clear objectives will help you to prioritise your budget, and us to deliver the most cost effective solution. However, one of the most important things to remember, in order to reduce stress and avoid unnecessary costs, is: don’t leave it too late to start planning!


Exhibition stand design


We can design your exhibition stand, then manage the build and installation worldwide. We can help you to reuse and adapt existing materials, or produce lightweight graphics panels that can be hand carried on a flight. We work with international stand contractors to deliver exhibitions worldwide.

Proserv exhibition stand, initial visualisation and final exhibition stand build

Audiovisual presentations


These can incorporate conventional graphics, video or 3D visualisation and animation, and can be used in a number of ways. External screens can broadcast your message to passers-by, and attract people on to your stand. At Lighthouse, we can also design and prepare presentations that can be talked through on the stand in a one-to-one conversation, using for example a laptop or tablet.

We provide a complete video production service, from script writing and filming through to editing. Presentations can incorporate motion graphics, 3D animation and interactive media solutions, using broadcast quality high-definition video throughout. We can cost effectively provide presentations for a range of formats such as DVD, web, mobile or ipad/iphone.

3D animated presentation loop developed to introduce a product concept

Exhibition literature


Many companies now offer brochures, catalogues and datasheets digitally, but talking through some form of printed material with a client and then handing it to them, still has tangible benefits when exhibiting – the client leaves with a visual prompt that may make your discussion more memorable, they can add their own notes or read through the material on the flight home. For all these reasons, print continues to be a popular means of communicating. We have considerable experience in providing imaginative and cost effective solutions to what are often complex communication issues, and can also provide copywriting services.

3D visualisation and animation


3D visualisation and animation can help communicate complicated messages to your clients. For example, demonstrating the inner workings of a technical product as an interactive 3D exploded-view, can quickly explain how a complex piece of engineering works. Visualising the layout of a building or structure as an interactive walk-through can communicate immediately the space and features of that structure. An animated character can be used to create a distinctive personality that can help present your message in a memorable way. We have experience of creating 3D visualisation and animation for a diverse range of sectors .

3D explanatory animation used to demonstrate commercial product

Advertisements, preshow invitations and notification emails


If you want to make sure people know you are exhibiting, you need to promote. We can design adverts for placement in local media or trade press. Additionally, printed or digital invitations can be a cost effective way to target your clients.

Exhibition interactive sales tool developed to contain presentations and videos
  • Exhibition stands
  • Printed & digital literature
  • Adverts & invitations
  • Video production
  • Onscreen presentations
  • 3D visualisation and animation
  • Email marketing
  • Advertising campaigns