Catalogue design, product brochures and websites

Catalogues can take many shapes, sizes and formats, but all must achieve one goal – product sales. We work with our clients to design and produce catalogues that display products to their best advantage and engage customers. Lighthouse have designed and produced traditional printed catalogues, interactive pdf catalogues and web based online catalogues. We have been developing brands and helping establish markets with our creative approach for over 20 years.


Product brochure design


Product brochures combine creative design with good planning and efficient layouts to showcase products to their best advantage. Lighthouse have designed product brochures for a diverse range of industries and audiences, managing product description, photography and technical detail to produce customer-engaging brochures that clearly highlight product specifications and benefits. Our graphic designers prepare visual storyboards and mock-ups as part of the creative process for developing brochure and marketing concepts.

Catalogue design


Our designers are experienced in the creation of product catalogues for business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) clients. We combine good graphic design with photography, copywriting and project management to produce product catalogues that work for our clients. We have designed catalogues that showcase our clients’ own product ranges, managing commissioned photography and copywriting as part of the production process, as well as compiling catalogues that include a mix of well-known brands, liaising with brand marketing departments to collate material provided by them, along with the creation of new content.

Interactive catalogues and interactive flipbook catalogues


Product brochures can be developed specifically as interactive catalogues or retrospectively converted for interactivity. Flipbook software converts pdfs of catalogues into online interactive flipping books with search and page zoom functionality, that allow users to browse catalogues online, reducing print costs and extending availability. Interactive pdf catalogues can be designed specifically for email distribution, saving on print costs, and can also link online for additional detail and ordering.

Interactive product catalogue

Catalogue websites


Online catalogues provide additional functionality to printed catalogues that allows users to filter, select and compare items, and then select the most appropriate product for their needs. Websites can be developed with easy-to-use product management tools and website content management in place. Product catalogue websites can be designed with advertising and product cross-selling in mind, promoting alternative or related products to site users as they browse.

Catalogue website design aims to present products to site users in a clear and engaging layout, with high levels of visual interest and layered technical information that helps to make the sale. Catalogues can be linked into eCommerce payment gateways, or integrated with enquiry systems to facilitate offline orders.

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