Brochure design and annual report design

Brochures are a key sales tool in communicating any organisation’s brand and services. Lighthouse provides professional, creative brochure design services for both interactive and printed brochures. We work with clients to develop marketing-led brochures that support overall communications strategy and engage with customers. Small sales flyers, bespoke printed brochures, annual reports and company histories – we have worked across wide range of printed design and marketing collateral.


Brochure design


Following our design methodology, we start with a client brief, and then develop initial design ideas and creative concepts. These are used to produce design mock-ups and brochure visuals. Working with our clients, we then develop these to a final preferred design.

Content is implemented and copywriting, photography and illustrative/graphic services are employed to produce a final product.

We work with a number of specialist photographers in support of building client brands, including product photographers, landscape photographers, portrait photographers and art/object photographers, all proficient and experienced in their specialism.

Brochure design and print for corporate client

Annual report design


Annual reports detail the performance of a company and its business activities across the previous year. In order to do this effectively, they need to balance large amounts of financial and factual information with an engaging and visually interesting brand story.

Lighthouse work with companies and organisations to design and produce their annual reports: creating graphics, charts and graphs in support of financials; combining layout, photography, type and illustration to produce creative design solutions that communicate to stakeholders. They can also be digital, delivered online, searchable and incorporate animation and video, such as an video introduction from the CEO or financial officer.

ITF annual report design and print, chart and timeline creation and brand development

Printed newsletters


Newsletters, along with brochures, provide a physical, tactile and memorable sales tool in a digital era. Designs can be supplied as print ready pdf, allowing you to order print from suppliers locally to the final delivery destination, and avoid costs and delays associated with shipping, or we can place and manage litho or digital print for you as appropriate to your needs. Digital print allows small customised runs to be ordered – from as few as five copies – to meet the needs of that all-important presentation or tender.

Newsletter pages for technical service client

Interactive brochures


Interactive brochures provide a cost-effective digital solution for sending to target audiences. Lighthouse produce interactive pdfs (also called ipdfs), interactive flip books, ipad based interactive books, ebooks and kiosk brochures. Newly developed technology can allow video, animation and audio to be included, creating a highly interactive visual experience for readers. Large amounts of complex information can be layered in, removing the page limitations of print. They can be completely bespoke in design, easy to navigate and scalable for email.

pdf interactive brochure for promotion of event sponsorship packages

Copywriting services


Good copy is key to good communication. Copy writers often specialise in specific styles and subject areas and we can recommend and work with copywriters most appropriate to your project. Additionally we work with well establish translators whose services can be employed to deliver multi-language brochures.

Set of service inserts and datasheets designed and printed for education industry client

Diagram and illustration production


Our graphic designers are experienced in creating infographics, diagrams, charts and graphs in support of brochure design.

From product cutaways to location maps, visual timelines or illustrations to explain complex processes, we produce graphic elements to help communicate client messages.

3D illustration developed for product promotiom
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