Brand and identity design

At Lighthouse, we have an extensive track record in guiding a wide range of small and medium sized companies, corporate bodies, public sector and community organisations towards an effective and empowering brand solution.


Brand strategy


A brand strategy can have many starting points – a name, a logo, a story or a product. A clear brand strategy helps organisations achieve brand consistency as they grow and implement their identity across different media. It helps any company differentiate against their competitors, and communicate to customers what they are all about.

Lighthouse has more than 24 years of experience of working with companies and organisations to help clarify what their brand stands for, and what makes it unique. We have worked with small local start-ups and large international blue-chip companies in the design and development of their brands.

RWG logo rebrand
RWG rebrand developed for online and print

Brand elements


We will work with you to establish the personality and character that makes your brand unique and clarify the values it needs to communicate. Once this is established we get creative to produce the style, look and feel appropriate to the brand, and from there we will develop the elements required to communicate that message. This can range from a simple logo to a comprehensive set of visual and design elements, all working together to engaging and captivating your audience.

Lighthouse design and create brand logos and marks. This may be a type based solution, a graphic logo or a series of elements that work together to create a brand identity.

We also design stationery, brochures, websites, packaging and presentations in support of building brand identity.

AUPEC brchure design covers
Brand illustrations developed to illustrate company service areas and capability

Brand evolution

Brand guidelines

With the constant need to stand out from the crowd, many organisations require support to keep their brand fresh and ensure it adjusts to new and growing markets and opportunities. Evolution can be reactive, for example, in response to a merger or business change; or proactive, in order to keep the brand fresh and attractive to new audiences.

From a simple tweak to a full redesign, brands must evolve over time. Lighthouse has worked on a number of brand evolution projects for large corporates, public bodies and small service companies. We help our clients reinvigorate their brands for new audiences, meet customer expectations and stay fresh in the marketplace.

Campaign identity and associated marketing material

Lighthouse can develop brand guidelines to help you establish and maintain the consistent use of your brand across any application and in any location, ensuring all communications achieve a consistent and recognisable tone of voice and visual personality.

Brand guidelines define the design elements that make up a brand and provide guidance on how they should be applied in different situations. This usually includes use of brand marks, type, colour, graphics and photography, but can also extend to tone of voice used in copywriting, style of photography, and templates for the main brand applications such as letterheads, business cards, brochures, livery, signage, website templates and email footers.

Most brand guidelines are supplied in pdf format for ease of dissemination, along with master logo files and fonts if appropriate. Depending on company size, cultural variations may be included to accommodate international offices, and may be supported with a brand management system to contain all the required brand elements in standard file formats (Word, InDesign, Photoshop, jpg, png, eps, etc.).

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